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Brave or Benighted?

April 16, 2012

Recently, I was cleaning the refrigerator with the help of my older brother when we came across a few ambiguous food items. As usual, my brother passed me a container of food and said, “Hey Kris, smell this,” and not thinking any better, I did as he asked.

Now, here’s the thing, the food looked relatively normal, smelled ever so slightly questionable, but I still wasn’t entirely certain. I smelled the food a second time, then a third, and finally, I tasted it to give me a fitting answer. The curried lentils that were once oh-so-delicious were now rotten and very distasteful to say the least. Needless to say, I spat the stew out into the garbage can and followed it with several mouthfuls of palatable food and a glass of water.

This is not the first time I’ve done this with leftovers from the fridge. Seven out of ten times the food has been fine and yet, the few times the food has been disgustingly horrid have not stopped me from testing by taste and not odor. The funny thing is, my albeit temerarious behavior has earned me the title of “brave.”

Later that day I found myself thinking, how brave and intelligent was it really for me to taste the food as opposed to utilizing the adage, “When in doubt, throw it out,”? In hindsight, I’ll say I should have thrown the food out; however, then I would have said, “How am I supposed to know whether or not it’s still good if I don’t taste it?”

The line between being courageous and being unwise for some people is blurred. Not just applying to the freshness of food, but I find that gallant acts must not only be decided by the feasibility of the action, but also the possibility of an unpleasant taste.

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  1. April 20, 2012 2:27 am

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