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“I Would’ve Done That Differently”

January 15, 2012

I’ve been known to closely examine the appearance of almost everything; clothes, shoes, hair, etc. I think it’s probably from watching a television channel dedicated entirely to clothing when I was very young, reading Vogue magazine for the past three years, and having a mother who said things like, “Yes, dear, I know you’re sick, but does that mean you can’t do your hair and put on something nice?” Being ill, I’d whine about not feeling well enough to do anything other than sleep, but that wouldn’t stop me from getting up and doing something anyway–it’d just take thrice the usual time. 😉

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen an article of clothing and thought “Hm…I would’ve done that differently,” then proceeded to describe how I’d have sewn or otherwise made the garment. There are just too many gaudy bits and catchpenny appliques on clothing today. It’s very difficult to find something that isn’t profusely embellished with plastic jewels, sequins, or sparkles–not to mention ruching and draping. Personally, I like simple looks, clean lines and decorations that aren’t too…loud.  And, to be quite frank, that isn’t what’s primarily in fashion.

To further show my inspection, I’ll share another event: I was sitting in the car with my mom recently, and upon gazing out the window on my right, I found myself inspecting the hair of the woman in the car next to me. I said, “I want to fix her hair. It’s like ‘I’m a bleached-blond and I just went swimming, but I’m dirty.’ I get the urge to tap on her window and give her my phone number so I can fix it for her.”

Truth be told, I know I’m not in any place to judge, and everyone has their own sense of style and taste. Most of the time, I keep my opinions to myself. However, I’m sure I’m not the only person who sees things and wonders why someone decided something in a certain manner. Think about it, at some time or another, you’ve probably done it, too.

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