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2012 Thoughts

January 5, 2012

I’ve been hearing a lot of people discuss New Year’s resolutions lately. I must say, I never set any sort of goal specifically for a new year– I tend to start something new the same day that I think of it. (I find it increases my chances of actually committing myself to something). I’ll think about it for a few hours, just to turn it over mentally, but as soon as I actually get into a project, I find myself getting engulfed fully in it–not really wanting to do much else until my work is done. Although, as a bit of a perfectionist, I’m never truly satisfied with much that I do–it’s an artist thing, I suppose.

Anyway, hearing so many people discuss goals for the new year, I thought I may as well share a few things I have in mind that I’d like to accomplish; not necessarily this year, but sometime in my life. And, I challenge you, dear reader(s), to think up your own goals, short or long term–it matters not. Just try to come up with something that you can aspire to–a set direction in mind that you can achieve. So, with that idea, I leave you all with a portion of my list:

1. Finish composing a piece of music. I’ve been playing the guitar (in a dedicated sense) for roughly three months now (though I’ve owned her for longer). I have created short riffs that I know might sound really nice when pieced together. However, due to my critical creativity and lack of faith in my skill, I haven’t actually gathered the necessary materials to record and lay the riffs together and make something meaningful.

2. Choreograph a complete dance routine. I love to dance and I get ideas for moves that would be paired together well with music. Unfortunately, I get the ideas around 4:00am and that is not a time when I can make a video of what I see in my mind. Well, I probably could, but I’m sure my mother would think I’m insane for dancing out behind the houses at 4am with music blasting in the windy coldness that is January.

3. Get more confidence in my artistic ability. I’ve been writing poetry and short stories for most of my life and I’ve been keeping what I write since I was twelve. I had a piece of my poetry published in a book last year and I know that’s not an opportunity that comes about every day. I’m thankful for the World Poetry Movement publishing my poem, and while that did give my confidence a boost, honestly, I still sometimes wonder if people say I’m a good writer just to be nice. Horrible, I know, but it’s true.

4. Learn to say no. Truth be told, I have a difficult time saying no to people–particularly those that I like. I’ll go out of my way and make myself miserable in order to make sure someone else has what they want. I know, in theory, that it isn’t a good thing, but I really can’t stand seeing those that I love unhappy. It’s an issue I’ve had since I was a kid and I know the habit won’t go anywhere without a great deal of effort on my part.

5. Care less about what people think of me. I’m the kind of person who wants people to like me–even if I don’t know them. I haven’t exactly had all positive experiences with people liking who I am and it is for that reason that I very rarely show who I truly am to anyone. I’ve made it my goal to care less about what people think about me because I can’t live my life fully when I’m bogged down by what anyone else might think about what I’m doing. It just doesn’t work out well that way.

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  1. SaraPey permalink
    January 7, 2012 9:31 am

    That’s a wonderful list of goals, I truly hope you accomplish all of them – No, I know you will! Wish you all the best 🙂

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