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Love Yourself

November 24, 2011

In the sixteen (almost seventeen) years that I’ve been on Earth, I can honestly say that I have a very difficult time when it comes to people not loving their hair the way God made it. I can’t stand it when people degrade their hair; wistfully wishing for something straighter, curlier or more acceptable to society. I just want everyone to love themselves and be satisfied the way God created them. Unrealistic, I know, but that doesn’t change how I feel.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people straightening, or even changing their hair. I love changing my hair. For a total of about four or five days this year, I wore my hair, which is naturally curly, straight. I’ve dyed it three times, once chemically, twice with organic henna, and I have every intention on dying it about thrice more. I’ve never had a relaxer, but about two times, I’ve had a very gentle, organic (and edible) texturizer in my hair. Although, by the time I was old enough to hold still while my mom brushed my hair, I wore it natural because my hair texture had changed to become less like wet cotton, and more like loose curls–much like many other multi-racial people you might see.

When I see people of any color wreaking havoc on their own hair, trying to make it “pretty,” I just want to say, “Stop doing this to yourself! God didn’t make a mistake when S/He gave you straight, curly, kinky, black, blond, brown–or whatever hair!” It literally brings tears to my eyes to watch curly-haired individuals fry, chemically alter, fight with and/or destroy their hair because they don’t love it how it is.

Disliking coily hair isn’t something that I’m unfamiliar with; I have a relative who believes that any sort of curl, kink, or wave in one’s hair is ugly. She accordingly relaxes her tightly coiled hair frequently and presses out any stray curl that appears on her head. Thanks be to God, I don’t see her frequently enough that she might ask about my dreadlocks, or that I might raise the idea of wearing her hair naturally. Should that one day occur, I may become a bit militant and rebel openly against her chemical processing. It could happen.

To be completely honest, it doesn’t really matter that much what you do with your hair. You can shave the sides of your head and color the rest of it fuschia. What’s really important is that you love your hair–your real hair. The untouched filaments that you were born with. Of course, you may want to consider the health factors associated with what your hair. You know, how the chemicals, dyes, heat, etc. may affect your physical health and your hair itself.

My point is, no matter what you do with your hair, your body at all, just make sure you’re doing it in genuine love for yourself. Think out your actions: think about how it’ll affect you and your body in both short and long-term time spans. You have to ask yourself, do I really want to do this? And if you can’t think of a truly meaningful reason for doing something with your body, then don’t do it. A thing that is sometimes easier said than done, but it’s not an impossible feat.

In short, love yourself: love your mind, love your body, love your hair. LOVE YOU!!! 😀

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