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Stop The Hatred

November 10, 2011

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with people who judge others based solely upon the gender of the person that they are in love with. People hate, abuse and disrespect, just because of their personal belief of what another person should or should not do. I don’t count myself (in any way) as one that has the right to sit in a place of judgement of another. It’s just not who I am. But recently, I had a bit of an experience on a retelling of another’s opinion.

My mom has an acquaintance that believes homosexuality is such a horrible thing. Where he comes from, it’s punishable by death. He believes that God hates homosexuals and he has physically threatened people who seem homosexual in any way. As my mom continued to tell me about this man’s belief, I found myself crying and getting increasingly angered. As someone who has been described as “iffy”, I am inclined to strongly disagree with his opinions. Being homosexual isn’t a sin. God made homosexuals. Sure, the Bible says that a man shouldn’t lay with another man as he lays with a woman (paraphrased), but that’s referring to sex–not homosexuality as a whole. Notice it says lay with, not love. God doesn’t have a problem with love–God is love.

The sheer notion that not just this man, but also other people, are overtly religious about human sexuality, to me, is just asinine. You have no idea how difficult life can be for a homosexual. And honestly, behaving that way isn’t making things any easier. It’s a truly horrible experience to have someone mistreat you just because of the gender of the person you are in love with. The heart loves whomever it loves and you shouldn’t judge another person based solely upon that. Don’t be ridiculous.

If you’re going to be religious about this one facet of life, why not apply it to the rest of your life, too? Are you going to go picket supermarkets to stop selling pork because it isn’t kosher and you’re not supposed to eat it? Are you going to go around attacking people who eat cheeseburgers with mushrooms because eating meat and cheese together is Biblically incorrect and mushrooms are a fungi, so you’re not supposed to eat those either? If you’re going to be religious at all, don’t apply your religion to just one part of life.

Let me make something clear, I have no problem with religion or God. I love God and I’ve been to churches of almost every faith; Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Non-Denominational, Episcopalian, etc. I know that everyone who reads this won’t agree with what I’m saying but, please don’t take it as an attack on religion or all things Godly. This is my opinion and just like you, I am allowed to have one of my own.

This is a very sensitive topic for me and I could continue ranting about this, but it wouldn’t change anything. I know people are going to behave how they want, no matter how it affects those around them. That doesn’t change how I feel about this though. Mistreating anyone, homosexual or not, is wrong and it hurts. Words, actions, thoughts, expressions–they have meaning to people and just because you feel a certain way about someone else and what they choose to do in life, doesn’t mean you have to treat them badly. Their decisions are their decisions and quite frankly, you’re in no place to judge. They may not be perfect, but neither are you.

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  1. November 11, 2011 7:00 pm

    I’m a first time commenter, but I just wanted to say: YES! You tell it, girl.

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