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On Art

November 6, 2011

When I was younger, I used to acquire artistic inspiration from everything; I’d dance to the sounds of the washing machine cycling clothes through and sing with the chirping birds outside my window. I saw art in even the smallest things; from minute specks of dirt of a door frame to the beauty of a my mom’s garden in the back yard–the world was my inspiration and no medium was out of reach. Writing ideas would could to me in minutes flat on a daily basis, I could write songs without trying, and even though I didn’t have the artistic talent (or dexterity) to draw exactly what I saw in my mind, I still had the vision–the ideas I derived from anything I could see or conceive of.

As I got older though, I became less inspired by the “mundane” and placed my focus more on the pain. I lost my overall passion for art eventually; I’d only use it as a method of running away from everything I was feeling and tuning out the world. I was that kind of miserable 24/7 and honestly, I was pessimistic and bitter about my life ever becoming anything except for an overwhelmingly sad, meager existence, with small glimmers of the happiness that used to be. Fortunately, things have since changed..a lot, actually.

I won’t detail the precise happenings; that’d be more like a book than a blog posting. I will; however, say this: I lost the toxic relationships in my life, strengthened others and forged new ones altogether. And through all of the other crap that happened, I changed in ways that I never imagined I could.

Needless to say, my life is better now and for the most part and I’ve come full circle with my art. I dance in the supermarket, or when I hear music in my head. I don’t sing frequently, but I periodically beatbox when I think of something. I’ve taken up music and I play a few three-chord riffs on my electric guitar on most days of the week. I get ideas for sketches bi-weekly, sometimes more often, and I write like a madman about six to eight months out of the year; the other months I mostly spend writing in my journal, because the weather seems to inspire me.

In summation, I’ll say this: I think we’re all born artists, but over time, life can beat the creativity out of you. The key, I have learned, is to not let the world choke that part of you out. Keep your artistry and ingenuity, it’ll help you along the journey that we call life. 🙂

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