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October 14, 2011

Recently, I’ve been pondering, is life really so horrible, or is it just our perception thereof? Every day we get up, carry on in life, breathing, seeing, doing–being human. There are so many people that are unhappy with their lives, and wallowing in their suffering, or fighting to make their life something other than what it is. People live with regrets, disappointments, grudges, depression, and every other affair associated with human attachment, trying to find a way to reverse all the bad, and to just make it stop.

I’m not really one prone to extensive bouts of depression, although I’ve dealt with it at multiple times in my life. Considering the manner in which my mom has raised me, when I find myself in a less than wonderful situation, I assess the perceived problem and listen for what the universe is trying to teach me. I understand; however, that not every person has been so graciously blessed with a parent as I have been.

I’ve seen people drown themselves in excess in an attempt to block out whatever in life may be ailing them. Silently screaming and spiraling downward into a pit of despair and desperation. I’ve been in that dark place before. It doesn’t feel very good, but it’s sometimes necessary in order for God, the universe, or any other higher power to get our attention. In all honesty, it only feels that horrible if you fight it. Growing is a lot easier if you just let it happen. My mom gave me an example when I was about twelve; she said, “The grass doesn’t strain to grow; you don’t step outside in the spring and hear ‘AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!'” And aren’t we glad that doesn’t happen? I know I am.

To return to my initial point, most of us reach a shadowy place in our lives, we have our rainy days, our clouds, the fine (or thick) fog that blankets our very existence and seeps the very essence of our souls. It doesn’t affect us all the same way, but it happens. When this happens, we have to resist the normal human response to fight it, or run away from the thing that pains us. Let it happen and learn the lesson. You’ll come out of it a better person and you never know, you just might need those admonitions in the future.

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