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I’m a Mother???

October 5, 2011

On Tuesday, Prajna, my bearded dragon, left me quite the surprise in her vivarium. It was around 5:30pm and I had spent most of the day in front of my laptop applying to jobs. I dashed up to my room to get my clothes for the next morning–they were in desperate need of an iron–and I wanted to get them before it slipped from my mind (as many things do).

As I perused through my closet, I noticed there was more commotion going on in Prajna’s vivarium then usual. I went over to see if she was scratching at the glass again and when I lifted her out of the habitat, I noticed several masses nestled under her log. I picked the log up to see what was under it and to my amazement, there were twenty-three off-white eggs among the substrate! This is the second time she’s laid eggs, and I’m not sure if they’re fertilized, but if all goes well, in about three months, I’ll have bearded dragon hatchlings running around my incubator. How cute is that? 🙂

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  1. SaraPey permalink
    October 5, 2011 6:46 pm

    Aww, that’s suuper cute 😀 And by the way, I really liked your new blog theme, it’s so pretty!

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