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September 30, 2011

     Have you ever been outside and noticed that one person who’s ill-dressed for the current weather? You know, that one person who wears autumn jackets and light sweaters during blizzards, goes out in the rain without an umbrella–or even a rain jacket–and wears sweatshirts during the hottest days of the summer? That person has always been me.

    Every since I’ve been old enough to dress myself, I have been somewhat careless about the proper attire for a season. I’ll wear a denim jacket or fleece hoodie over a long-sleeved t-shirt and go out when it’s coldest. No gloves. No scarf. Sometimes I’ll wear a hat or boots, but if I need to move quickly, I’ll wear my breathable running shoes. My reason? If I’m moving I’ll stay warm and if I’m wearing a heavy winter coat, I can’t move as freely and I’ll be too hot. I see people bundled up beyond the point of recognition, trudging through waist-high snow while I’m walking or jogging and laughing.

    During the warmer months; however, I dress in a slightly different way. I’ll wear a t-shirt (long or short-sleeved) and a denim shirt of light hoodie. I almost always wear jeans, and unless I’m sleeping, I don’t generally wear shorts. People often see me and confusedly ask, “Isn’t it a little warm to wear that?” I generally reply, “No, not really.”

    For the most part, I now dress the way I do out of habit, but I’ve developed a bit of a theory about it. I’m convinced that I, and people like me, are like large bodies of water; by the time the colder months have come, we’re still warm from the summer and by the time it gets warm again, we’re still cool from the chillier months. Make sense? If you really think about it, you’ll see that I’m right. 😛

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