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September 27, 2011

Hello dear readers, it’s been a few days since my last post and my mind has raved with the possibilities. I’ve seen animals and insects that I would’ve loved to photograph, including a massive spider in an enormous web on a telephone pole and an adorable calico kitten. I, however, seem to never have a camera on hand when I need it most–ah the irony. I suppose I could sketch something from memory, but then again, my drawing skills wouldn’t do them justice. Trust me.

Yesterday was rather busy, I traveled quite literally across cities with my mom and older brother, just like we’ve done on other Mondays. I love  to travel. Even a brief walk to a store on an average afternoon is enough to make me smile. Nature’s beauty is prevalent enough that I can see the forests of trees and wild plant life, towering over the buildings and seeming to reach for the clear, blue sky. And yes, now you all know, I’m a bit of a hippie that way.

In other news, I’ve started exercising with my mom in the mornings and I have to say, every part of me hurts–it’s wonderful! I love exercising. The endorphin rush that kicks in about ten minutes after I start, my increased flexibility once I reach the yoga part, you know, the usual things that go with exercise.

On another note, I’ve been more studious about my art. As a writer, I find it important to pay close attention to form, just like dance, or any other art. I’ve examined novels, magazines and textbooks for paragraph length, grammar, sentence structure, scene transitions, descriptions, differences based on audience, et cetera. I must admit, it’s helping. I’d post more of my writing here, but I’d like to avoid art theft, so that’s probably not going to happen, unless it’s a piece I wrote for someone else, or I don’t particularly care about. Also, if you’ve read my works and would like to make a request, just drop a comment and let me know what you’d like me to write for you.

Lastly, I’ve finally figured out a good technique to keep my locks clean until they mature. I braid about twelve or so of my locks together before I shampoo them, then I squeeze the water from the braids with a soft towel and as they dry I un-braid them a little at a time. It prevents them from coming undone altogether and getting too full with water. Centrifugal force of course, also plays a part, otherwise you’d look a bit like Albert Einstein with locks. Anyway, to anyone with mixed heritage attempting to get locks, I highly recommend it if you don’t have the time to re-twist every coil after a shampoo. 🙂

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  1. SandySays1 permalink
    September 27, 2011 2:14 pm

    Liked your post & your confidence.

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