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Talk About Hair

September 17, 2011

There’s something about chilly weather that has always made me want to lock my hair, ever since I was about twelve. The house I lived in at the time had a window sill large enough to accommodate me and I loved to sit for hours listening to music, twisting my hair and looking out over nature. I found it to be very relaxing and I still do.

If you’re curious about what I mean by “locking” my hair, I’m referring to what are commonly known as “dreadlocks”. I prefer the term “locks” because the aforementioned word has something of a negative connotation associated with it. But, to get back to my topic, I’ve had a certain fascination with twisting my hair in this fashion for quite some time now.

When I was fourteen or so, I tried to lock my hair permanently, as opposed to twisting it, then letting it unravel over time as I had in the past. I had a relatively stable foundation, but I was impatient and three months after I had started them, I combed them out because I had grown tired of constantly re-twisting all my locks every time my hair was exposed to any type of liquid or humidity and I couldn’t stand my scalp feeling dirty all the time. During that time, I noticed people frequently complemented and inquired about my hair, asking if I had twisted them myself, how long I’d had them in, and the most disturbing query; requests to touch them.

I’m saying this because I recently started my own set of single-strand twists and I’ve been twisting them relatively often. Originally, I didn’t have any particular goal in mind, I was just looking for a change from my typical style. However, once I had finished, I realized yet again, that I missed my old locks. Call me capricious for such vacillations, but I just may decide to keep them…you know, at least until they start to hold shape and look less like a head full of straw set hair. Should I decide to keep them, I may decide to make note of my musings with my sprouting locks. And on a final note, if any of you have ideas or tips for a multiracial person with loosely coiled hair who wants locks, fell free to comment and tell me. I’ve done research and talked methods over with my mother (who is a licensed cosmetologist), but I’m open to suggestions. 🙂 

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