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Simple Things

September 13, 2011

    A few days ago, there was a major rainstorm in my area. Electricity in certain buildings was cut off (including my house briefly). People panicked and flooded supermarkets, fearing another bout with horrible weather such as that which was feared during hurricane Irene. I however, relished in the idea of another rainy week. I love the rain. The smell it leaves behind, the sound of it hitting the windows, the cloudy mist that hangs in the air before the storm starts–everything about it! Except maybe the destruction that results from it occasionally. To be more specific, I love water in general.

    You may be wondering why I’m blogging about the weather to begin with. The answer is this: as the storm was brewing outside, I made a quick trip to a nearby convenience store with my brother to buy fruit for breakfast that day. When we returned it was drizzling lightly and upon reaching the door to my house, I saw two small shiny masses on the door frame. They were about one millimeter in diameter each. I got closer, trying to figure out what they were. Dirt? No…unless dirt defies gravity and slides up door frames now. Aphids perhaps? No…aphids are pale green and they have legs. Then, when I nudged one of them slightly with my index finger, it sprouted antennae, giving way to what the tiny masses were: baby snails.

    To anyone unfamiliar with the type of area I am from, snails were not something that were seen unless they were in a fish tank; due to the very…urban setting I’m from. So, to me, seeing the miniscule creatures was a wonderful surprise during that damp September morning. I probably spent quite a bit of time staring at them even after I had let my brother inside and he began placing the fruit on our dining room table. It wasn’t until it occurred to me that I was letting the rain in, dampening the rug beneath my feet, that I closed the door.

    I wish I had a camera on hand at the time to photograph the little gastropods, because I’m sure someone would enjoy the photos to accompany this tale. Perhaps next time I’ll be more prepared in case of future opportunities. I must admit, even thinking about it now, I smile because it’s the small things like that in life that make me happy. To say the least, stopping to smell the roses every now and then is very important to me.

    On another note, when I was in the convenience store, an albeit…interesting event transpired as we stood at the counter, watching the clerk scan the containers of fruit.

“Are you two brothers?” the man asked

Shocked, I replied, “Umm…he’s my brother,” gesturing to my left, “and I’m his sister.”

“Oh,” the man stammered, seeming frazzled, “I-I’m sorry! I just thought you were a boy!” His South African accent suddenly becoming very pronounced.

“It’s alright,” I said, shrugging.

“Please don’t beat me up,” he stuttered as he placed the receipt in my brother’s open palm.

“Uh, I won’t,” I responded, trying to mask the surprise on my face.

    Wordlessly, my brother shook his head as we left the store and I tailed behind him, trying to figure out how I appeared to be masculine. When we arrived home, I had a brief conversation with my mother about what had occurred. According to my mother, the reasoning for why I’m frequently mistaken for a boy is due to the way I walk. In retort, I questioned how I can appear male when I have the figure of a girl and the round face of a child. My mother informed me that while it is that I look like a female, I walk in a rather confident manner–as though I am not afraid. To me, this wasn’t reason enough, so I instead passed it off as individual perception of what a girl should be.  Thinking about it now, I must laugh, but at the time, I was utterly stupefied. 🙂

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  1. September 15, 2011 4:15 pm

    Baby snails, eh? I never would have stopped to marvel at how amazing those things were…haha. Kudos to you for finding joy in the simple things in life! 🙂

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