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September 6, 2011

    I was sorting through a box of my old belongings recently when I stumbled upon a list of goals I wrote when I was about twelve years old. Seeing this worn, folded sheet of paper neatly preserved in the back of an old journal brought back some memories. I recalled the exact night during which I wrote it. It was about a week before my birthday and as being it is that I had recently would be turning thirteen, I felt it was necessary to make a list of everything I wanted to accomplish before age sixteen. I felt I needed to do something considering I’m my mother’s youngest child and in my mind, I wasn’t going to be a child as soon as my birthday passed. I now know how wrong I was.

    This list spanned about two pages back and front, listing the most outlandish things I could imagine. At the time, I could imagine myself accomplishing each and every one of those goals. Thinking back on it now, I don’t particularly want most of the things listed there, nor could I imagine them happening without laughing hysterically. For example, I wanted to have a Komodo dragon as a pet. Currently, I have two Bearded dragons and they are a bit of a handful at times. I enjoy caring for them, but nonetheless, could you imagine how difficult it might be to keep a Komodo dragon? Let alone find a legal breeder that would sell one to me? From my own experience, I’ll tell you it is immensely difficult to do in my area.

    It’s occurrences such as the above that make me really think about how much I’ve changed over the years. Fortunately, I’ve gotten taller and I no longer sounds like Daffy Duck, as I did when I was about six or seven. Jokes aside, if you were to look back on your life, can you see differences in who you are as a person, or are you still exactly the same? If you have changed, in what manner? And if you haven’t, what do you think prevented any change?

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  1. SaraPey permalink
    September 7, 2011 5:15 pm

    I can relate to you, I have also really changed over the years. Stopped being so naive, opened my mind to a whole new world. My personality is still there, but I’m not even the same person I was yesterday and I’m sure I will me a lot different tomorrow! Nice post 🙂

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