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Being Different

August 18, 2011

    Have you ever seen someone who doesn’t quite seem to fit? Not just in the sense of personality; almost as though there is something about them that is…different–enlightened maybe. Perhaps you couldn’t put your finger on it or passed it off as that individual just being strange. If you look at crowds of people–even children, you can typically find at least one that isn’t quite like the rest.

    Some believe that these individuals have been on this planet before, bearing more past lives than most. Others believe they’re angels that have lost their way, some even call these individuals insane. I personally believe all of these theories carry some truth in one sense or another. And to be quite direct, this can be a very lonely life to live at times. When you’re different in that manner, you can understand nearly everyone, but most of them will not understand you.

    You might see things that nobody else seems to see, or try to change yourself to better fit in with those around you, only to feel as though you’re lying to yourself in the worst way. People may come to you for advice, and while it is that you have the answer, you don’t know how you knew it to begin with. It’s even more difficult if you’re attempting to cope with this at a young age.  You won’t blend with your peers, possibly feeling most at home when you’re alone or with one person that understands the most–even if they don’t understand everything. You may even ask the question of “What is the point in being able to understand everything, if no one seems to understand me?” or ask God why you’re so much different from everyone else–begging to be “normal”.

    I have no name for individuals like that, I simply know what it is like to be in that place. It’s more broad than the above description, and it’s not unbearably lonely all the time, but it isn’t easier to be different. It may in fact be more difficult because you don’t fit in; however, I’ve only seen one side of the story and have nothing to base my hypothesis on.

    I won’t lie and say that it gets better because in all honesty, it varies by the person and I’m only sixteen years into my journey. Although if any of this sounds like something you’ve felt or thought, just know, you’re not alone.

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