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August 16, 2011

    “A man finds his identity by identifying.” – Robert Terwilliger  

    How true is the above statement? As humans, do we really identify with things in order to find our identity? Humans may naturally imitate what they see, but does it really contribute to who we are? Are we born with every aspect of our personality inside of us? Or is it based solely upon what we’re taught and what we perceive? Is it nature, nurture or both?

    From my personal experience, I’m inclined to believe it’s a combination of both; my reasoning being based upon my social observation. I’ve noticed that people sometimes behave in a manner that can be likened to their parents, peers, perhaps a deceased relative, or any other combination. Other times, people are completely different from anything one could ever imagine, not bearing any similarities to those around them–a lily among roses.

    In closing this entry, I must raise yet another question, do you believe that people are born with their personality naturally ingrained into them, is this something that develops over the course of their early years–or even their entire lives? What do you think?

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