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People Will Watch You

August 13, 2011

    People watch you. No matter where you go, someone is going to notice what you do and talk about it. It’s just what people do.  

    For example, two years ago, when I was fourteen, I volunteered in a local library. When I was hired, I was told to dress neatly and be friendly to the customers. Considering the way I was raised, this wasn’t anything I wasn’t used to–I already dressed nealty most of the time and was polite to people. However, I noticed that the librarians began to emulate me soon after word got around about “Kristian, you know, that new girl; the one with the hair.” I never knew any of them really recognized me or were paying that close attention to anything I was doing until I moved to another city and the woman that hired me literally pouted when I told her I would be terminating my employment.

    It didn’t end there however; when I began visiting a library near my home, I was recognized by a few librarians at the circulation desk. It turned out to be a very awkward moment for me because I didn’t know any of them and yet they were speaking about me. I overheard one of the librarians say “There she is,” pointing in my direction when I approached the circulation desk she then said “Hi, Kristian.” Being the individual that I am, I thought the logical question of “How did she know my name?” I didn’t ask; however, I just said “Hi.”

    See what I mean? Now, I’m not saying that everyone is a stalker, or that you should be so paranoid that you can’t enjoy life. I’m just saying one really ought to be careful how they behave because people watch you and they will notice your presence, your absence and they will speak about you. Just a thought.

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