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Cute and Fuzzy

August 12, 2011

    Today I was having a brief conversation with my mom about adopting a dog, and after some research we settled on the Yorkshire Terrier. It was probably this ever-so-adorable photo that swayed us:

    Anyway, I’ve been surfing the web every since trying to find a place where we can adopt one. I’ve checked local shelters, pet shops, etc. we’ll probably adopt one from the site. Interestingly enough, some adoption agencies charge as much as $1000.00 for a single pure-bred puppy!

    As I glanced through galleries of countless animals, I couldn’t help but notice something; I have a very soft spot for animals. I felt myself wanting to call shelters and adoption agencies to give an animal a loving home. I’ve never really considered myself to be a dog person, but I’ve always attratced them, animals in general seem to like me. I can recall several locations in which I was followed by animals, namely PetSmart.

    I enjoy the idea of having a dog around the house, I’ve always had animals around me, every since I was a little girl. Mayhap we’ll go through with it, mayhap we won’t, but either way, I kind of want a dog now. As long as it doesn’t pee on my stuff, or tear our leather furniture, or try to mate with my leg…there’s a long list of things I’d rather my dog not do. To keep it simple, I’d rather my dog be mellow and not ravage, or otherwise, my belongings. If it does, then Kujo will have to go. 

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