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Human Gender

August 11, 2011

    From the moment we are born, we are given the label of being inherently male or female. Even hermaphrodites are given a specific label; the parents are made to decide the gender of the child before they exit the hospital. As we age, we are given things that reflect our biological differences from each other. Girls are dressed in pastel colors and given dolls, being taught to nurture others and put them before themselves. Boys are dressed in dark colors and given trucks, being taught that they should fight others in the name of childhood fun.

    I must raise this question, what happens to the children that do not conform? What happens to the little girls that like to play with trucks and the little boys that like to play with pretend kitchens? Far too often, these children are stamped with titles that describe them as outcasts from their peers. Frequently these labels are carried throughout life, sometimes contributing to later-rising issues. And this, has to stop. Everyone is different and society needs to accept that. Now, I am not saying that major changes haven’t been made in terms of equality, but I am saying that things are not equal yet.

    There are a few sects in which children are given the freedom of expression, myself included. These children are typically raised by parents who did not fit in during their youth and would rather spare their child from the predetermined “boxes” if you will, that people are supposed to fit in. It is imperative that we embrace who we are, without regard to fitting in with the crowd. We must walk to the beat of our own drum and be individually who God made us to be.  

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  1. Bdist1 permalink
    August 13, 2011 5:46 pm

    Hey your poetry is out of this world. Its amazing how many things that we have in common it quite frightening to think that we are almost one in the same. The way that you formulate your words shows the essence of who you are as a person they flow like water;Im inspired by your words and your determination to not follow the crowd but instead to work on you. It is very rare in this day and age that you will find someone who is not about the material things and the falsehood of the majority of things that are pertrayed through our media and are intentionally corrupting the minds of so many.

    • August 17, 2011 8:59 am

      Ello, thank you for the wonderful complement! It is indeed fascinating how similar people can be at times–when I learn about similarities, it often creeps me out lol. I’m glad to hear my writing inspires you. Although, I must thank my mom for raising me the way she has, if she had not, I’m aware of how I’d be by now. Thanks again! 🙂

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