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August 10, 2011

    I personally suck at have very little skill in terms of introducing myself, other than giving my name, naming a fact or two about myself,  followed by an awkward smile and a nervous laugh. With that being said, I leave you with my personal form of expression, poetry, that is! I hope it gives insight into who I am. If it doesn’t…well then, you’ll have to learn over time.

 I am not a model
Nor fit for much surprise
I am just myself
One who avoids notions of surmise
My hair is not straight
My figure is not outstanding
I am just a girl
That can sometimes be demanding
My voice is not high
My teeth are not stark white
I’m often made fun of
But still don’t give in to fright
I trip over my own feet
And sometimes others’ too
It’s a wonder that I’m not blonde
Because I never have a clue
I never know what to say
When people ask about me
I just smile and tell them
“I’m just the one that’s very cloudy”
I sleep alone at night
Only accompanied by a bear
I hold her close to my chest
So that I can smell her hair
Some people call me odd
Some people call me strange
I don’t restrict myself to labels
No matter what the range
I never shout about it
But it’s important just the same
I express myself with the written word
No matter about how lame
I’ve tried to change myself
But acceptance is the key
‘Cause now all I want to be is


I am not in search of power
Nor the things that most men seek
I am here to spread the word
From out of mouth that I speak
I am a spirit being
Inside the small body of a child
This identity is freeing
Though it can also be beguiled
I have potential to be great
And I shall seize it when its time
I cannot fathom how I might hate
All men like they stole my last dime
I walk with an confident stride
Welled up from times of pain
It is not a product of pride
It is a product of my gain
My presence is so bold
That I’m mistaken for someone old
By those who do not know me
I have a passion for life
Despising tension, cut with knife
So that they may see that I am
One hundred percent truly

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